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The African Art Exchange

Ema Kato

Enjoys being creative and inspiring the youthful in his community. This has taught him patience and respect. He follows in the footsteps of his father, a master wood sculptor, who has been an inspiration and foundation for Kato’s own work. Many of his paintings feature rich, emotional portraits of African wildlife.

Otim Nathan

Was born in Namatala, Mbale, Uganda. He learned to paint from his friend and mentor, who inspired him to become an artist.  He paints scenes inspired by his life and people who have made an impact. His paintings inspire him to never give up. As he says, “love will always last, so if you love someone give them the best love. They will never forget you, no matter how many years may pass.”

Jjagwe Kevin

From Mukono, Uganda is inspired by other artists in his community. He hopes to give back to his community by opening an art school for orphans, providing a safe place for children to learn and enjoy life. With his art, he hopes to inspire the good in people, and build bonds in people who fear each other.

Peter Mpaga

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Nkonyo Isaac

Was born in Entebbe, Uganda. His artwork is inspired by the nature and beauty of his country, Uganda. A student of Kato Emma, he hopes to inspire and to help the young people there to discover their talents. His paintings vary from abstract to portraits and wildlife, evoking strong emotions, displaying true beauty, and promoting togetherness and unity.

Our Clients Feedback

star "I can't believe I had this shipped all the way from Uganda. I bought a truly amazing piece of art. It hangs on the wall in my office, and I have gotten compliments from every person who has seen it. I am so proud to have helped these artists and their communities who are fighting for human and economic rights."

Dan B - San Antonio, TX